Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc.

Rescue and Lifetime Care for Abused and Unwanted Equines

Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc.

had its beginnings in 1999 on a 14 acre farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Abused or unwanted horses started to become residents on the farm. One by one their numbers increased to the present group of seven horses and one sweet mule.

In addition to the earnest care given to rehabilitate and restore these horses, the farm also assists on placement of many other equines and has a fair success rate.

The horses enjoy 17 x 17 box stalls, deeply bedded in clean straw, premium according to their needs, and excellent quality hay. There is daily turn out in good pasture. Horses are never without access to water and meticulous attention is given to the structure regarding feeding time schedules and basic needs.

Above all, in addition to the studious,committed, physical care, equal attention is given to the restoration and protection of the horses' emotional needs. Every handling contact is aimed at restoring trust and promotion of a content lifestyle.

Public education is a key - and at the on site consignment tack shop and used book store (the Book Nook) there is much opportunity to engage in conversation with horse owners of all ages and genres.

Plans are underway to upgrade many existing areas of the farm and to establish more walk in space in several of the pastures, which will allow for more haven for additional equines. EFES provides adequate indoor shelter or deep walk in shelter for all equines. EFES believes rescue only starts when a horses is removed from its endangered status. It is not complete until the animal has been physically rehabilitated , its spirit is renewed, and it is functioning at optimal level for its age and condition. Each horse is treated as though it is the only horse at EFES and receives daily personalized care and attention.

The sanctuary is now a non profit 501(c)(3).

Proverbs 12:10

Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.