Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc.

Rescue and Lifetime Care for Abused and Unwanted Equines

Become a Volunteer!

Volunteers are always needed for one on one attention to the horses......personal contact instills confidence, repairs a wounded spirit, and grows trust on both sides. Please call the sanctuary if you are able to lend a hand. The number of animals that can be saved and maintained depends on contributions of both time and money.

Helping at the sanctuary meets requirements for high school and college volunteerism. You do not need experience - we are happy to teach - you will learn as well as give the animals a wonderful gift of your time. We also need people who are repair handy, grass cutters, and people to help work on fund-raising and administrative tasks.


5181 Rt. 419

Womelsdorf, PA 19567


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed

As this is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteers serve with no compensation.

As an added note, we are not a charitable organization that participates in court-ordered community service programs.