Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc.

Rescue and Lifetime Care for Abused and Unwanted Equines

How You Can Help & Wish List

EFES is always in need of people who can help groom and do one on one time with the equines. Also, help is needed with mowing and weed eating and general maintenance. The horses love to have personal attention and I love to have people visit and spend time with them. I also do alot of new horse people teaching regarding basic care and commitment . COMMITTED VOLUNTEERS NEEDED MOST!!!!!!!

Also needed: Material to build a walk in shed (to save a couple more horses), a used riding mower, tractor to mow fields, etc. etc.

You can also help by using pay pal to donate towards feed and care items. Fifty dollars will sponsor a horse for a month - this pays partial grain & hay. Cost exceeds this amount for each horse - but this greatly helps. Please specify which horse you wish to sponsor.

We currently have 3 horses sponsored monthly: Sharon Mayo of N.J. sponsors both Ruffles and Georgia. Affordable Glass (Stuart, Florida)/Melanie Zysk sponsors Georgia. Carolyn L. Shaw of Kutztown also sponsors Georgia. Ann, Rich, and Nick Kreiser of Myerstown sponsor Buddy and Grendel. Kim and Robert Bell sponsor Dahlia and Boost.

In the works: we are planning several nice hand outs and teaching items for children ..... also I will be increasing public education via Horses 101 lessons for beginning owers and those contemplating horse ownership are on the near horizon.. We also have our pony club for younger horse enthusiasts.

I am always interested in your ideas and comments, including ideas for public education - one of my priorities. When I was a child people who were wealthy owned horses - and people who were professionally involved (horse trainers, instructors, etc.) . Now, everyone with a house in the country wants to buy a horse for the kids - I truly believe it is the lack of knowledge and the thin commitment that causes many of these casually purchased horses to flood the market - when you are not proficient about something you don't enjoy it - beginners need to know the impact the work of owning a horse will have on their lives. Education is a key element in saving our equines.