Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc.

Rescue and Lifetime Care for Abused and Unwanted Equines

Jay Vernon Gruver 1926 - 2008

This site is dedicated to my father, Jay Gruver, who was instrumental in my pursuit of establishing EFES. In the 2nd photo, taken days before his passing, he rests at Eden Farm with Rainbow, an elderly calico cat, who was his constant companion in his last weeks.  

Dad's passion was music and his devotion was to his Christian faith.

He taught me that all life is sacred....that treating fellow humans and animals with dignity is a requirement, an absolute.

He was a fine "reader" of people and honest in his approach to his fellow humans.

His greatest legacy was teaching me that to follow one's passion in life is also an absolute. To follow it in the face of adversity, criticism, and defeat.

He taught me that we are never alone and that giving in to despair and defeat is not only foolish, but an insult to God.

He never diminished the sacrifices I made to help horses and other animals.

He knew me well. When day's get a little tough and discouraging,

and its hard to find a hand to grab on to, I remember the things my father taught me and I dig my heels in a little deeper.

It is because of his encouragement to follow dreams and passions and his belief in commitment that Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary exists.

----I love you, dad.