Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc.

Rescue and Lifetime Care for Abused and Unwanted Equines

The 2011 Open House (June 4th) was a great success and we had all fun getting ready for our visitors.

Frank McGuigan spruced up our fields with his tractor/mower, Terry Ney did some cosmetics with manure removal, and Sarah Groff painted black fence until she was covered in paint. 

Renee Wenger's son weed eated in the broiling heat and her father pitched in with many trips with tables, other supplies, etc.

Then the footwork started with gathering donations from local businesses.

Renee also sponsored the wonderful gate sign which reads the last lines of "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell and her father also installed that on the enrance bate to the barn compound. Terry Pearson made beautiful signs and planted lovely flower gardens. Every one worked and worked and worked, and many of the helpers wante do shove me into a barrel and cap it until the Open House was over.

Andrea & Mike Milks (& equestrienne daughter, Mikaila) put a huge effort forth to have a wonderful food booth. Mike's special recipe pulled pork was a hit and many other great items were offered. The Milks donated all the ingredients and labor for prepping the food, then donated the gross receipt to the sanctuary! What a time consuming and selfless act for our horses!

The following were generous contributors:

Midway Diner, Behtel , a gift certificate

Womelsdorf Fire Company, Womelsdorf, a tee shirt

Sarah Groff and Omar Jackson , a 50.00 Macy's certificate

Washes & Wags, Womelsdorf, a free dog grooming

Wrinkle in Time, Robesonia, a gift ceritifcate

P & J's Pizza, Womelsdorf, a gift certificate

Pizza Hut, Womelsdorf, a gift ceritifcate

Huber's Supply, a portable animal clipper

Hubbard Feed, Minnesota, 10 bags of feed and a supplement tub

McDonald's , Womelsdorf, a gift certificate

Home Depot, Lebanon, a standing fan

K & K Feed, Richland, a gift certificate

Lowe's, Lebanon, Home gift items

Tom Sturgis Pretzels, Reading, petzels

Julius Sturgis, Lititz, pretzels

Risser's Diner, Stouchburg, a gift certificate

Bimbo Bakery, rolls

Herrs Foods, bags of chips and snacks

Society Printers, Reading, food items

Stouchburg Nursey, Stouchburg, flat of plants

Also baked goods to sell from Amy Baisley, Ruth Gosnell, and BJ Weber ---and all that traffic directing and logistcs from Renee's best friend Ed, and our own board member Mike Passano. Renee's sister manned the tack shop and her father helped with many hard labor and prep items. Some of the folks who won food in the drawings donated back to the sanctuary also - BJ Webber,\

Renee& Ed, and Shari Stevens......