Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc.

Rescue and Lifetime Care for Abused and Unwanted Equines

Dahlia, dark bay, after recovery with her pasturemate Forever Perfect, aka "Ruffles".

Dahlia is a fairly recent addition to the sanctuary......she came to us via Animal Rescue League of Berks County. ARL was called to a farm in Berks County where some dead horses were discovered in a secluded pasture. One additional horse had to be euthanized . All were thoroughbred horses.

Three, including Dahlia, were removed from the site and placed on a foster farm. The other horses are under continued monitoring.

All were emaciated, covered in rain rot, and had depressed affects. One mare was adopted by the Ryers Foundation and had a healthy foal soon after arrival at their farm. One mare remains awaiting adoption at the foster farm.

EFES was blessed with Dahlia. She is in her mid twenties and has arthritis. After a couple of months of care and rehabilitation, Dahlia is now fat, happy, and enjoying a comfortable life with her stablemates. Several people rallied to the cause and financially supported the immediate care she needed.